callala bay bicentennial park entrance

picnic area
unisex accessible toilets



Name of venue:  Bicentennial Park
Address of venue: Lackersteen Street, Callala Bay
Type of facility?  park

Car Parking

Is there a carpark area close by?  yes
Is there a specific disabled parking space?  yes
Surface of carpark  asphelt-concrete


Gradient of path  level
Is there a seat or bench along the pathway?  yes
Seat height – height of sitting surface from ground  47cm
Are there paths to:  picnic tables, toilets



Is there a toilet block?  yes
Is there an accessible WC here?  yes, 2 x unisex accessible
Distance from car parking area to toilet  13m
What is the surface of path from carpark or road to toilet?  concrete
Gradient of path  level
Is there flat access for wheelchair where the path meets the toilet?  yes

Picnic Table

Is there a picnic table?  yes, 4
Does the picnic table have overhang or space for a wheelchair?  yes
Height from the ground to top of picnic table?  85cm
What is the surface of pathway from car parking to picnic table?  concrete
Is the picnic table covered?  yes




Lackersteen Street, Callala Bay