fishermans paradise

boat ramp
accessible toilet

Fishing & Boating – Access to waterways

Name of venue:  Boat Ramp
Address of venue:  Anglers Parade, Fishermans Paradise
Type of facility?  boat ramp onto beach
Dimension of Jetty/Wharf  n/a
Construction of facility  n/a
Is this venue also a boat launching ramp?  yes
Is there a fish cleaning table?  no
Does the cleaning table have space for w/c?  n/a
Height from the ground to top of fish cleaning table?  n/a

Car Parking

Is there a carpark area close by?  yes
Is there a specific disabled parking space?  no
Surface of carpark  asphelt and gravel


What is the approximate distance from the carpark or road to jetty/wharf?  10m
What is the surface of the path from carpark or road to jetty/wharf?  concrete and gravel
Gradient of path  gentle
Is there flat access for wheelchair where the path meets the jetty/wharf?  n/a
Is there a seat or bench along the pathway?  yes
How many seats and what distance apart are they?  2
Seat height – height of sitting surface from ground  48cm
Are there paths to:  picnic table, toilets



Is there a toilet block?  yes
Is there an accessible WC here?  yes
Distance from Jetty/Wharf to toilet  50m


Is there a picnic table?  yes – 2
Does the picnic table have overhang or space for a wheelchair?  yes
Distance from jetty/wharf to picnic table  15m
What is the surface of pathway from jetty/wharf to picnic table?  grass
Is the picnic table covered?  no


Address Anglers Parade, Fishermans Paradise, NSW