Miyajima is a small island. Ferries run between mainland and the island every 15 minutes. Both JR and Hiroden tram Miyajima-guchi Stations are wheelchair accessible. There are accessible ramps in the ferry ports.  The ferries have no special facilities or space for wheelchair users, but there is no difficulty riding the ferries.

Itsukushima shrine is wheelchair accessible. An accessible ramp is provided at the main entrance and at every step in the facility. Wheelchair users can share the same route as other visitors. However, Ropeway to 535m top of the island mountain is not wheelchair accessible. Enjoy waking around the shrine and the shopping arcade.


Itsukushima, also known as Miyajima, is a small island in Hiroshima Bay, western Japan. It is known for its forests and ancient temples. Just offshore, the giant, orange Grand Torii Gate is partially submerged at high tide. It marks the entrance to the Itsukushima Shrine, which was first built in the 12th-century. Nearby, the Museum of History and Folklore has cultural artifacts in a 19th-century merchant’s home
Approx. 10min. to ferry terminal from Hatsukaichi / Oono IC, Hiroshima-Iwakuni Expressway

Approx. 5min. walk to ferry terminal from JR Miyajima Station
Approx. 1min. walk to ferry terminal from Hiroshima Electric Railway Miyajima Station

Approx. 22min. from Hiroshima Port
Approx. 50min. from Hiroshima Peace Park
Approx. 25min. from Oono Ferry Pier
Approx. 25min. from Marinahop


Address 1-11-1 Shimohera, 738-8501 HATSUKAICHI, JAPAN,